What exactly is a [Software] Framework? In our quest to take down popular tech buzzwords, we’re going to tackle Software Frameworks. Definition A program that allows you to hook into itself to extend it. That’s the one liner, but lets take it apart through an example that is your operating system. A running operating system is a process that provides a framework for running other processes. Each process can spawn child processes, which leads to a tree/heirarchy of processes that we can view through a command like htop....

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What is DevOps?

Definition The subdomain of Software Engineering focused on deploying software quickly. Simple as that. Strangely, even though DevOps is a major buzzword in tech, many online struggle to provide a useful definition for DevOps. Take a look at Microsoft’s definition: “DevOps is the union of people, process, and technology to continually provide value to customers” That is not a precise enough definition to be useful. There are so many things that definition applies to, a lot of them totally unrelated to tech (think about it: Even a financial consulting company would fall under such a definition)....

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Breadth First Search

The Algorithm Breadth first traversal (usually interchanged with breadth first search), is a graph traversal algorithm that works in a level order manner. Our graph is defined as G={V,E}, where V is a set of vertices and E is a set of edges. In more intuitive words: you start from some point on a graph and expand outward one level at a time. The first level is simply one node, and the next levels are simply all the nodes near a node in the previous level (see the colorful graph on the cover of this post)....

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The Channel

We have a YouTube channel! The idea behind the channel is to analyze video games through the lens of computer science, as well as to provide intuitive explanations for apparently difficult topics. When we say computer science, we mean it! we have covered everything from using object oriented design for FIFA’s virtual ref to mini-lectures on big data architecture. Subscribe at, and stay tuned for more!